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Back to School – Homelessness 101

To many people, the face of homelessness is the man standing along side of the road asking for money. Unfortunately, that face is changing. According to the United States Department of Health and Human Services, as many as 1.6 million children are homeless sometime during the year. That means they are living in shelters, motels,

Proud to be… Wait a minute

On my Facebook page the other day I came across a statement written by a friend, it read, “America bites” and that and they would rather be somewhere else. Other people agreed with her. Later, I read a letter in another newspaper where someone called this country barbaric. Now at first you may say, “Fine

The Worst Place on Earth to be Born

Samantha Bailie Street News Service Most people in developed nations expect to give birth to a healthy baby that grows into a healthy child. Sierra Leoneans however do not enjoy this basic human ‘right’. One in four children dies before their fifth birthday in the West African country, giving it the highest child mortality rate

Local Chef Provides Free Meals for Homeless in Somerville

Robert Sondak Spare Change News On the second Friday of each month, homeless and retirees gather for a hot meal created by a local chef. The Hearty Meals For All program, hosted by the Somerville Community Baptist Church, is a collaborating partnership between two experienced social workers (Rebecca Gallo and Emily Bullen) and up and

Violating Housing Rights Is Not Just Immoral, It’s Downright Criminal!

Rebecca Brodie Spare Change News An underutilized provision of Massachusetts law allows unscrupulous landlords to face criminal charges, not just civil penalties, for illegally evicting tenants. Facing incarceration, one should expect that landlords would think twice before locking out a tenant or shutting off a tenant’s utilities. Unfortunately, my experience has shown that police departments,