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Street Profile: Gary's Story of Triumph and Tragedy

Dear readers, I have been writing for Spare Change for about a year now, and over the time I have been lucky enough to cover a variety of different stories. From State Representative Barry R. Finegold’s bill—which would grant hate crime protections to the homeless—to Theo and Paul Epstein’s Hot Stove Cool Music, a concert

Fair Foods Fights Nutritional Insecurity

On a wintry Tuesday in January, I boarded the bus in Central Square. Half an hour later a block from Boston Medical Center and proceeded to walk west on Washington St. until I came to the Cathedral Projects housing complex. I went the next block over to the South End Salvation Army shelter and asked

Why We Still Need Black History Month

In an article by Mema Ayi and Demetrius Patterson from the Chicago Defender, the authors wrote “Actor Morgan Freeman created a small firestorm…when he told Mike Wallace of 60 Minutes that he finds Black History Month (BHM) ridiculous.” Freeman goes on to say that “Americans perpetrate racism by relegating Black history to just one month

Spare Change Honors the Legacy of Howard Zinn

“Spare Change to me is an extraordinary illustration of what homeless people can do, because they can reach out to the public and say ‘Here we are,’ and we’re intelligent and sensitive people. We’re poets; we’re writers; we’re not crazy. We’ll tell you what caused our situation and we’ll ask you to do something about

Video Clip of the Night(mare) Center

Night Center Video from Spare Change News on Vimeo. -Video by Norman Watne This video is the multimedia accompaniment to a story by Norman Watne published in the 1/28/10 issue of Spare Change News. It depicts the interior of the Night Center, a “drop-in center” at 31 Bowker St. in Boston that serves as a

Election Practices: A Cross-National Overview

We should recognize that the recent Senate Special Election reflects the strengths and weaknesses of U.S. campaign system. Highlighting the campaign process of culturally similar industrialized countries can help to shed light on alternative campaign practices and spending on elections. Two of our European allies have a comprehensive election system like the United States but

Health Care Reform to be Thwarted?

So the unthinkable has happened: The Mass. Senate seat that Teddy Kennedy held for 46 years has been ceded to Republican Scott Brown. Such a blow to the Democratic party should be a wake-up call for Obama and his colleagues in DC that they will need to fight to retain their current legislative control. They

Marc Goldfinger: Spoken Word

[img_assist|nid=121|title=|desc=|link=none|align=right|width=234|height=237]Marc Goldfinger, a  former Spare Change News vendor and Editor-in-Chief and current columnist and Poetry Editor, has arranged for the album “Getting Fixed,” performed by the Jeff Robinson Trio, as a download for our readers. Feel free to check out his poetry and the beautiful rhythms of the trio: All he asks in return is

National Homeless Persons' Memorial Day 2009

The National Homeless Persons’ Memorial Day 2009, organized by the National Coalition for the Homeless, represents the 20th annual day of commemoration of its kind. The nationwide event will be realized locally in Boston as an Interfaith Homeless Memorial for those who have died on the streets without homes. Details are as follows: Monday, December