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Edward Larsen

Edward Larsen has been selling Spare Change News for about the last 8 years, and is currently one of the top vendors. Still, while Ed’s sales numbers remain high he is quick to state that things have been better. “When the economy was good, I was doing pretty well. Not nearly as well now,” Ed

Unequal Justice Equals No Justice

[img_assist|nid=209|title=Troy’s Friends, Supporters, and Legal Team|desc=|link=none|align=center|width=640|height=480] His father was a cop in the same small, coastal city in which his family has always lived—Savannah, Georgia. He knew many of his father’s colleagues and played on the police department’s athletic little league team as a youngster, when he wasn’t hanging out at the church. Later, he

The Home for Little Wanderers’ Journey to Outer Space and Beyond

Caroline Fenton Out of a grey-green, steaming swamp rose several eyeballs, staring eerily at their viewers. The scene was an extraterrestrial dreamscape that made the little green Martians of Saturday morning cartoons seem light-years away. This painting was part of an exhibition called Voices and Visions, with the theme “Outer Space and Beyond”. It was