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Federal Relief for Mass Farmers

Robert Sondak On October 14, All News WBZ AM radio and David Pepose in the Berkshire Eagle both reported that Governor Patrick has secured disaster relief from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) for the 12 Massachusetts countries that suffered agricultural production losses due to this summer’s abnormally cool and rainy weather. Governor Patrick

Editorial Meeting

All editorial staff are invited to our bi-weekly editorial meetings. It’s also a great chance to jump in if you haven’t written for Spare Change News before, but are interesting in joining.

Almost Banned But Still in Business

    Kenny and Frenchie, seated on a pair of canvas camp chairs, hunker on the sidewalk along Massachusetts Ave. in Harvard Square. The couple is accompanied by a large pushcart laden with a heap of sundried items, including their dog Penny and cat Charlie, who observe the passing crowds with tranquil indifference. The experienced and

They Build with Bottles

By: Angel JulajujPrensa Libre San Marcos Atitlán, Guatemala Recyclable, half-liter plastic bottles, filled with used snack wrappers, are used locally to build walls and houses here. The idea was put into practice after the passage of Hurricane Stan, which left this area as one of the most punished in its wake. Much of the aid

Hospital Abuse of Mental Health Patients: The Rights You Deserve and the Efforts Being Made to Secure Them

by Amanda Morley The Movement        Even though the quality of care in Massachusetts and around the country has greatly improved over the past several years, horror stories persist about psychiatric patients being needlessly abused and even dying as the result of negligence by staff and doctors that can border on cruelty. It is unfortunate

Official Henry Louis Gates, Jr. Cambridge Police Report.

This document was offered on the website of The Boston Globe soon after the July 16th incident. It was then taken down for undisclosed reasons, then later re-posted in abbreviated form. Note the discrepancy between the original 911 call transcript by Ms. Whalen (available at and the text in the police report. In her