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Health Care Reform to be Thwarted?

So the unthinkable has happened: The Mass. Senate seat that Teddy Kennedy held for 46 years has been ceded to Republican Scott Brown. Such a blow to the Democratic party should be a wake-up call for Obama and his colleagues in DC that they will need to fight to retain their current legislative control. They

Marc Goldfinger: Spoken Word

[img_assist|nid=121|title=|desc=|link=none|align=right|width=234|height=237]Marc Goldfinger, a  former Spare Change News vendor and Editor-in-Chief and current columnist and Poetry Editor, has arranged for the album “Getting Fixed,” performed by the Jeff Robinson Trio, as a download for our readers. Feel free to check out his poetry and the beautiful rhythms of the trio: All he asks in return is

National Homeless Persons' Memorial Day 2009

The National Homeless Persons’ Memorial Day 2009, organized by the National Coalition for the Homeless, represents the 20th annual day of commemoration of its kind. The nationwide event will be realized locally in Boston as an Interfaith Homeless Memorial for those who have died on the streets without homes. Details are as follows: Monday, December

Upcoming Debate on Single-Payer Plan in Healthcare Reform

As the Congressional healthcare overhaul bill nears its final form and vast reforms to the system could potentially be past, advocates representing diverse perspectives continue to weigh in to garner public support. Among these groups is the International Socialist Organization (ISO), which will host ‘A People’s Guide to the Health Care Debate’, a forum to

Stupid Human Tricks Part Duh

It never, well almost never amazes me at the stupidity of some people when it comes to certain things, take the latest idea around homelessness, The state legislature the same folks who brought us the budget crisis are now considering a bill to ban sex offenders from shelters, Check that homeless sex offenders from homeless shelters

A Duet: Brother Blue & Ruth Edmonds Hill

Brother Blue to Ruth: We’ve been together a long time. You’ve heard me tell many stories, and I’ve watched you in your work, collecting oral histories, over the years. But though we know a great deal about each others work and each others aspirations in the work, there is much that we don’t know. Let