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Unequal Justice Equals No Justice

[img_assist|nid=209|title=Troy’s Friends, Supporters, and Legal Team|desc=|link=none|align=center|width=640|height=480] His father was a cop in the same small, coastal city in which his family has always lived—Savannah, Georgia. He knew many of his father’s colleagues and played on the police department’s athletic little league team as a youngster, when he wasn’t hanging out at the church. Later, he

The Home for Little Wanderers’ Journey to Outer Space and Beyond

Caroline Fenton Out of a grey-green, steaming swamp rose several eyeballs, staring eerily at their viewers. The scene was an extraterrestrial dreamscape that made the little green Martians of Saturday morning cartoons seem light-years away. This painting was part of an exhibition called Voices and Visions, with the theme “Outer Space and Beyond”. It was

Panhandling on Beacon Hill: The Lowdown on a Reported Crackdown

A recent article published in the Boston Courant may have led the reader to believe that Beacon Hill residents are working with the Boston Police to spearhead a crackdown on panhandling in that neighborhood. In contrast, the Beacon Hill Civic Association and the BPD maintain that they are instead working towards ways to put their

Leading the Way…to Change?

Mayor Menino and the City of Boston now claim to be “Leading the Way” towards eradicating homelessness from Beacon Hill to Boylston Street and beyond. Last month, the Neighborhood Development department of the Mayor’s office announced the details of a $30M plan to totally eliminate long-term individual homelessness and cut family homelessness by 50%. The

Addressing Youth Homelessness

Ukeme Esiet   My first real encounter with young people affected by homelessness occurred in the month of August last year. Before this experience, homelessness was an issue that I observed at a distance. I had only had one meaningful conversation with a person affected by homelessness, but I did not truly appreciate the impact

Newspapers Past, Present and Future

Gary Gilreath Badge # 7043 I, the writer, would like to take the opportunity to thank all who read my first ever article, which was published in the February 25, 2010 issue of Spare Change News. Your responses to my question of whether to stay or go were quite supportive. So I would like to

Byrnesie’s Tips in Tough Times: LinkedIn

Michael W. Byrnes, Jr.   Not using LinkedIn? You should be!   Here are ten powerful things you can do through LinkedIn to be more successful: 1.     Expand your network. Even if you have a good network, you do not get to see all of the people your contacts have in their networks, unless you

The Sweet Smell of Success

Success is something to savor and be proud of, especially when the outcome is worthwhile. For a number of people formerly living without a home, a family, or life security, there is much success in once again having it all and having it for all the right reasons. Not everyone ascends out of homelessness and