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Outrage and a Little Headscratching

On the morning of May 12th I was quietly reading the Boston Globe as I do every morning before descending into this hellish madness of everyday life, when I happened upon a headline that I thought was a belated April Fool’s joke. “Nine accused of mob attack on disabled teen.” As I read on I

A Coastal Concern: Global Warming and Massachusetts

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts has a 192 mile coast line that stretches from Newburyport to Provincetown. Within this environmental infrastructure exist Boston, the capital city; Logan Airport, the nation’s sixth largest; Cape Cod; Martha’s Vineyard, Nantucket and Georges Bank. This environment is home to over 4 million people, as well as the North Atlantic’s premiere

Staying After School: Midnight Classes Redefine Higher Education

A local community college is redefining what it means to stay after school. Bunker Hill Community College (BHCC) is completing its second semester of the award-winning midnight classes curriculum this week. The school pioneered the program last fall; it gives students who are forced to work during the day a chance to attend college while

18 Years of Empowerment

            As the ink birthing these serifed letters dries, Spare Change News celebrates eighteen years of continuous publication in Greater Boston. Amid myriad tumultuous moments—which have included many sterling success stories as well as some disappointing setbacks—the newspaper has unfailingly rolled off of the presses. Although many have passed through the

Give To The Homeless, Commit a Crime?

Norman Watne A television station in San Antonio, Texas, recently reported that a local councilman wants to make it a crime to give money to a beggar or homeless person on city streets. Those who open their wallets would be fined. “If there’s no money for the panhandlers, the panhandlers will go away,” said Councilman

The Clubhouse

In some towns people who are experiencing homelessness have to wander around during the day until they are allowed back into a homeless shelter to get their bed to sleep for the night. In other places, so-called day centers for homeless exist to provide services and to be simply a place to go during what

Illegal: Immigration Reform

James Shearer I, along with the rest of the country, have been following the goings on in Arizona. For those of you living under a rock, Arizona has passed a new immigration law that will take effect in August. The law states that anyone who is suspected of being in the country illegally can be

Fireflies on the Wind: On Leaving Haiti Part II

Jacques Fleury: The Haitian Firefly [Excerpt from my book Sparks in the Dark: A Lighter Shade of Blue, A Poetic Memoir] Imagine this jumpy scenario if you will. The house was full of activity. Five sisters, four big country husbands, four cousins, three stalwart maids and about four tenants with kids who rented parts of the house

Have You Seen This Man?

Adam Sennott *Special thanks to Nick Malave for helping locate members of the homeless community who may have been near the Boston Marriott Long Wharf Hotel the morning of Eugene Losik’s disappearance. Unfortunately Spare Change was only able to find one man who may have been in the area at the time, though he said