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LIFT: A Community for Learning

Adam Sennott The Greek philosopher Aristotle once said that, “Education is an ornament in prosperity and a refuge in adversity.” For students of the Project LIFT program at the Community Learning Center in Central Square, overcoming adversity can be a daily struggle, which is why many of them are turning to education as means to

A Day of Refurbishment at the East End House

Amanda Morley East End House, Inc. is a community center in Cambridge that provides vital services to all members of the community, regardless of age or ability. With over 419 volunteers, it is literally “bursting at the seams” according to Emily Bullen, an employee. The Cambridge Community Center offers quality childcare to families of all

The Streets Are Watching

While my position of editor at Spare Change is a hat I wear with considerable pride, it is not the only decoration that habitually adorns my oft-reeling head. In fact, my primary professional role is that of a graduate student in clinical psychology, a field with which I am in frequent contention. Since initiating studies

Editor's Note October 22 Issue

I and the rest of the Spare Change editorial staff have intentionally avoided mention of the subject in the pages of recent issues. My thoughts were that there are moments for the raising of awareness and moments when things are better left unsaid. The moment in question, I had thought, belonged to the latter.    

5 Things You Absolutely Must Know About Homelessness

Shannon Moriarty Reprinted with the author’s permission from Seems everywhere we look these days, the topic of homelessness is making a cameo. Newspapers, blogs, the five o’clock news, even the cover of Vogue! So while we have your ear, world, let us take advantage of this teachable moment to tell you 5 things about

HONK! For Social Change

The streets of Cambridge were recently invaded by musicians, each carrying a tune of activism and social change.    The Community of Somerville held its fourth annual HONK! Festival which featured 30 street and marching bands from across the world all coming together to promote a wide variety of messages, including activism, social change, and above