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This too shall pass

This too shall pass

Spare Change News is proud to present a new monthly feature, “In Their Own Words,” which highlights the work of writers who meet at Rosie’s Place. In late 2014, Rosie’s Place, a community center for Boston’s poor and homeless women, started a memoir workshop. The intention was to have the guests, as they call the

DACA Decision Called ‘Band-Aid’, Not Solution

On the campaign trail, a key promise on immigration from candidate Donald Trump was that he would revoke the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, known as DACA. Now, Trump’s Department of Homeland Security says the program will remain in place. The decision came late last week, on the fifth anniversary of the DACA program,

Boston City Council considers safe injection sites

The Boston City Council has been actively exploring and debating the possible implementation of medically supervised injection facilities — or safe injection sites — in Boston. The topic, first discussed by the City Council during their June 7 meeting, got a formal hearing on June 19 featuring several experts and stakeholders related to the opioid

Cambridge Makes Progress with Troublesome Vail Court Building

The June 14, 2017 community meeting at Cambridge City Hall will mark the end of a long legal battle and help advance the redevelopment of the Vail Court property. The legal push for the city to seize Vail Court by eminent domain started 12 months ago. Mayor Denise Simmons filled an Order of Taking of

Lynn Shelter Association Awarded a Slew of Grants

The Lynn Shelter Association received $140,000 in grant and endowments over the past few months. First they received $40,000 from the Boston Foundation, as part of their Open Door grant program. That endowment, announced on April 14, was quickly followed by an award from The Cummings Foundation, which pledged $100,000 to the Lynn Shelter Association

Do Homeless Lives Matter?

As I write this, people are reacting to Trump pulling us out of the Paris climate change accord. People are talking about what Kathy Griffin did. Earlier in the week, people were all aglow over the new Boston Bridge program, which will send Boston students to college without them having to pay tuition. As usual,

Photo Exhibit of Life After Incarceration

The crowd stayed silent while listening to William Morales, 47, share his story about life after prison. He talked about his struggles and achievements on stage that evening at the reception for the photography exhibit, “From the Inside Out: Reflections After Incarceration,” which took place on Friday, May 26, at the Black Market in Roxbury. His

James Shearer on Wide Angle with Peter Bermudes

Co-founder of Spare Change News James Shearer recently appeared on Arlington Public News’s “Wide Angle with Peter Bermudes” to discuss the issue of homelessness. The interview spans two episodes, both of which can be found on YouTube. Bermudes and Shearer discussed a wide range of topics, but here are some standout quotes from Shearer. On