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EPA Rule Increases Interstate Smog in New England, Lawsuit Says

EPA Rule Increases Interstate Smog in New England, Lawsuit Says

Groups are suing the Environmental Protection Agency over their decision to rollback the “Good Neighbor” provisions of the Clean Air Act, which regulates interstate air pollution. In December, the EPA announced that states don’t need to comply with those requirements, saying power plants are already reducing air pollution. But the lawsuit alleges that decision puts

East Boston Residents Reject Racists and Rally for Immigrants

When xenophobic flyers appeared over the diverse neighborhood of East Boston, citizens responded by tearing them down, showing support for the local immigrant community that calls Eastie home. Days later, Centro Presente, a local immigrant advocacy group, held a fundraising benefit on Feb. 22 to support a member of the immigrant community   affected by strict

Trump’s not our only problem

Over the last few weeks I’ve wondered, sometimes out loud, are we too focused on Donald Trump? It certainly seems like it. Ever since he announced that he was running for President, we as a nation have been obsessed with Trump. The media helped a lot with that, and they still do by making him

R.I. bill aims to make cars pull over before giving to panhandlers

A Rhode Island state legislator who says she is worried about safety on the roads is again trying to limit how panhandlers can receive money from strangers. Deputy House Speaker Charlene Lima filed a bill that would fine drivers and passengers who pass anything out of their car window while in an active travel lane.

This is your brain on homelessness

Before Christmas, a survey found that 74 percent of people were worried about the levels of homelessness in Britain. The survey, commissioned by the charity Crisis, measured attitudes towards the 236,000 people experiencing homelessness across Great Britain today, and its findings seemed positive – 61 percent of people felt “angry, upset or frustrated” about homelessness

Winter Walk to benefit the homeless braves the cold

Despite the winter chill, over 1,000 people gathered in Copley Square to walk two miles through the streets of the Boston to raise awareness and funds to help end homelessness. “Fantastic turnout,” said Susan Dooley, member of the board of the Winter Walk. “I think we had almost double of pre-registers than last year.” The

Panera Cares is closing in Boston

The last remaining cafe in Panera’s experiment to help feed people dealing with food insecurity is set to close. Panera Cares in a non-profit organization that operates on a pay-what-you-can model. Panera Cares cafes provide suggested donation amounts for all menu items to help customers understand the cost of “paying it forward” and helping people