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SNAP Receives $1.35 Million to Increase Access to Local, Farm-Fresh Food

The Fiscal Year 2018 Massachusetts State Budget, which Gov. Charlie Baker signed on Wednesday, July 17, 2017,  included some notable additions to the SNAP Program. In an effort to support local farms while continuing to assist low-income families, the SNAP program received $1.35 million in funding to support the Healthy Incentives Program (HIP). SNAP, the

National Circus Distracts From ‘Trump-like’ cuts in Mass.

In recent weeks, many activists have focused on Donald Trump’s shenanigans. He really can’t help himself, can he? Other activists have been glued to their TV sets, computers and phones closely following the health care debate, as they should. However, while we’re distracted by the antics going on in D.C., things are going on in

Labor Pains and Growth in Recovery

Spare Change News is proud to present the second installment of its new monthly feature, “In Their Own Words,” which highlights the work of writers who meet at Rosie’s Place. In late 2014, Rosie’s Place, a community center for Boston’s poor and homeless women, started a memoir workshop. The intention was to have the guests,

Gov. Baker Signs Marijuana Bill into Law After Long Debate

Gov. Charlie Baker signed the reworked marijuana bill into law on Friday, July 28, after the House and Senate conducted long debates. His signature marks an 11-month period until pot shops can open up across the state—a timespan in which an entire administration will have to be built from scratch. As quickly as this Tuesday,

Senior Housing in Brighton to Add Units for Disabled, Chronically Homeless

Seniors looking to live in Brighton this fall may be in luck now that the Jewish Community Housing for the Elderly (JCHE) campus is close to having 61 more units of affordable housing. The units are being built at 132 Chestnut Hill Ave., which is down the road from 30 Wallingford Road where JCHE residents

Bill Aims to Regulate Out-of-state Inmate Labor

The Joint Committee on Public Safety and Homeland Security heard testimony on Senate Bill 1279, An Act Protecting Inmate Safety and Expenditure of State Funds, on July 19 at the Massachusetts State House. The bill, sponsored by Sen. Michael Barrett (D-Lexington), would establish guidelines for shipping inmates out of state to perform labor. The bill

Cranston Demonstrators Fined for Violating Anti-Panhandling Ordinance, Lose Argument in Court

A month after the city of Cranston, Rhode Island, passed an anti-solicitation ordinance, housing advocates and demonstrators were fined $85 for violating that law to protest its enactment. Those fined lost a battle in court recently on the grounds that they deliberately violated the ordinance to distribute fliers at the intersection of Sockanosset Crossroads and

Massachusetts Moving Up in Providing Summer Meals to Kids

The number of lower-income children with access to free summer meals is down nationwide, but New England states are doing better than most. Crystal FitzSimons, director of school and out-of-school-time programs at the Food Research and Action Center, which tracks summer meal programs across the country, said one reason more Massachusetts children received summer meals