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How renting could affect your health

Due to its central role in our lives, it is not surprising that researchers have found a number of important relationships between the homes we live in and our health. An in-depth paper by two academics showed a more direct link – that the private rental market, in comparison to affordable and social housing, can

As MBTA fares increase, so do state house salaries

As news broke this week about the MBTA proposing another fare hike, I found myself thinking about the salary increase over at the State House. Yes, folks, in a move that has went largely ignored by local media and a few others, the State Legislators have once again voted to give themselves pay raises. Gov.

Poppy: A novel about the opioid crisis

Poppy hopped off the bus at Burrard and Davie and walked the half-block back to St. Paul’s, where a gathering of some 30 black-clad youth stood outside the main entrance. He dodged a few on the sidewalk on the wide walkway from sidewalk to door and noticed a “Speedball Dreams” badge sewn on the sleeve

Local groups call to end Southeast Asian Deportation

Photo by author. About 50 protestors gathered outside the Bristol County Jail and House of Corrections in North Dartmouth, Mass. on the evening of January 23, to raise awareness on the deportation of Southeast Asians and to demand that the Sheriff’s office end its partnership with the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). “It’s important for us

How can the homeless apply for Mass ID?

After my Mass ID expired, I researched online and found out that I needed a birth certificate to renew my ID. This took me to my hometown of New York City, where I visited the Department of Health’s Vital Records Office. It was  there that I received help to complete an online application. I received

Activists lobby state house for sexual health issues, education

On January 17, at 10 a.m., people of all ages and gender, donned in formal attire, gathered at the Great Hall of Massachusetts State House to lobby their district representatives for greater access to reproductive rights and sexual education for youth. Calling January 17 ‘Sexual Health Lobby Day,’ 70 organizations – including NARAL Pro-Choice Massachusetts,

Mass. Gov’s Proposed Education Budget Draws Mixed Reactions

Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker on Wednesday unveiled his proposed budget with a focus on education spending along with a companion bill. But school activists are pushing for significantly more funding. The 2020 fiscal budget includes more than $200 million in new state aid to education, with more than $1 billion over seven years going toward

Mexico’s Forests, Both Victim of and Solution to Climate Change

“I dream of a healthy, sustainable, well-managed forest,” said Rogelio Ruiz, a silviculturist from southern Mexico, who insists that “we have to clean it up, take advantage of the wood, and reforest.” These activities are essential for the ecosystem, especially to adapt to the impacts of climate change, said the president of the La Trinidad