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City HeART puts at-risk artists on Display

City HeART puts at-risk artists on Display

Homeless artist Mel poses with his paintings at the City HeART exhibit. All photos: Alejandro Ramirez. The 7th Annual City HeART Art Show and Sale featured the work of artists dealing with poverty, ranging from those struggling with low incomes to the currently homeless. The event took place at the Prudential Center on Saturday, May

IMMORTAL: Spare Change News is 25-years-old

If anyone had told me or any of the founders that Spare Change News would be here 25 years later, we would have shattered the windows of our old offices with the peals of very loud laughter. Hell, if you had told us at the end of 1992—after we’d moved to Old Cambridge Baptist Church—we

Spare Change News Looks to go Electronic

Spare Change News co-founder and board chair James Shearer frequently reminds me that “Spare Change News is immortal” because of the remarkable track record of against-the-odds  survival over the last 25 years.   When James tells me this, I smile and offer a counterpoint. Perhaps Spare Change owes its 25 years of uninterrupted service because

City Council debates level of transparency in lobbying act

The Boston City Council held a hearing on Friday, April 28, to discuss Mayor Martin J. Walsh’s re-filing of the proposed Home Rule Petition, An Act to Regulate Lobbying Activities Before the City of Boston. The home rule petition looks into the interest of increasing government transparency and accountability.  This was the second hearing on

Photo: Zengzheng Wang

Boston sees continued success housing the homeless, but still more work to do

Mayor Marty Walsh at the 2014 opening of Southampton Street Shelter. Photo: Zengzheng Wang. On Thursday, Boston officials announced that their push to end chronic individual homelessness has resulted in housing 301 individuals since the start of 2016. This is in addition to the 846 veterans they have housed since 2015. The new numbers reflect

Open spaces: Parks over people?

I recently came upon an article about Mayor Martin J. Walsh proposing $25 million from the city’s fiscal year 2018 capital plan budget be spent on schools, libraries, crosswalk and traffic signals and … open spaces? What are “open spaces”? Okay, I know it means parks and playgrounds, etc. I’m not begrudging that these places

Longtime Catholic educator accused of abuse in South Boston

After working in Catholic education for nearly 40 years, Paul Doty, a former principal and educator of three religious schools in Boston, has been accused of sexual abuse by five men from South Boston. According to attorney Mitchell Garabedian, the attorney representing the five men, the alleged abuse by Doty occurred while he was principal