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MBTA Cleaners Fight Staff Cuts

MBTA Cleaners Fight Staff Cuts

BOSTON, Mass.—On Saturday June 22, MBTA station cleaners and their supporters marched through downtown Boston and rallied in the Boston Common to protest upcoming staff cuts that would eliminate 30 percent of the cleaning workforce on September 1. The rally attracted 1,000 people, according to police reports, and was the latest event in cleaners’ campaign

Forty Years Later, Busing Crisis Stirs Controversy

BOSTON, Mass.—Three Boston city councilors stirred up controversy recently by voting “present” when Councilor Charles Yancey proposed a resolution to commemorate the sixtieth anniversary of Brown v. Board of Education, the landmark 1954 Supreme Court ruling that declared racial segregation in public schools to be unconstitutional. While 10 of the 13 councilors voted in favor,

Somerville Reforms Immigration by Withdrawing from Secure Communities Program

SOMERVILLE, Mass.—Mayor Joe Curtatone took historic steps toward the protection of undocumented immigrants on when he signed an executive order to withdraw the city from Secure Communities, a program enacted by U.S. Immigration and Custom Enforcement (ICE) two years ago to remove undocumented immigrants who pose a threat to public safety. “[The program] is a

Five Questions with Gubenatorial Candidate Joe Avellone

BOSTON, Mass.—On Wednesday, April 9, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Joe Avellone released his jobs and economic development plan. The plan focuses on using the state education system to attract modern industries (like life sciences and smart manufacturing) and creating a pro-small business environment. Avellone, currently the Corporate Senior Vice President of biotech company PAREXEL International, spoke

People Power

First-time congressional candidate Able Collins (I) hopes to put people back in politics. At a political rally in Rhode Island last month, he told the crowd that if elected to the United States House of Representatives he would help steer the nation back to towards democratic ideals of political participation. First, as a newcomer to

The Other Candidate

One rainy summer after noon in mid-August, Jill Stein took the stage in Roger Williams Memorial Park in Providence, Rhode Island. The Green Party Presidential candidate launched into indictments of the last two administrations, “We need to stop spending money wastefully like George Bush Jr. and President Barack Obama have done to support the military!”