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The Case for a Third Party in America

Aaron James Spare Change News​​ Do you realize that you can influence and even write our laws? It does not matter what your economic situation is, we all are given a voice. And when we look back at our history, it is not always those with the biggest wallets that leave the greatest legacy, rather


By Michael Norton STATE HOUSE NEWS SERVICE STATE HOUSE, BOSTON, MAY 3, 2012….Distressed Massachusetts residents have pounded a week-old state hotline with as many as 300 calls a day seeking assistance to prevent their homes from being foreclosed upon. “We’ve gotten about a 1,000 phone calls,” Attorney General Martha Coakley told Fox 25 during an

All The News That’s Fit to Occupy: Back to Dewey Square with the Boston Occupier’s Dan Schneider

Leanne OʼBrien Spare Change News I sat down with Dan Schneider, editor of The Boston Occupier, a volunteerrun newspaper which bills itself as “an independent news source for Occupy Boston and the Occupy Movement.” The Emerson College film student and I discussed “journo-activism,” the Tea Party, and what’s next for the Occupy movement. Spare Change

Guest Editorial: On Immigration, Politicians Provide Empty Rhetoric Aplenty

Ali Noorani Lo and behold, the political glitterati have realized that new Americans actually vote. And that there are a whole lot of them. To which Latinos, Asians and other new Americans respond, “Duh.”

 But, this being an election year, let the pandering begin.
Republicans talk about their love of “legal immigration,” decry federal opposition to