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The 2017 Food Tank Summit discusses farming, food surpluses and waste

The 2017 Food Tank Summit discusses farming, food surpluses and waste

The 2017 Food Tank Summit Series took place over two days at Tufts University’s Friedman School of Nutrition Science and drew speakers from the agricultural industry, including nutritionists, chefs and farmers. The theme of the summit was “Investing in Discovery,” and the panels discussed a number of issues, including access to healthy, inexpensive food for

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Rev. Al Sharpton: “We Are Not Going Backwards”

On January 19, the eve of the presidential inauguration, the Rev. Al Sharpton stood outside Trump International Hotel in New York City with Mayor Bill De Blasio, filmmaker Michael Moore, actor Alec Baldwin and thousands of protesters to kick off their 100 days of resistance to the president-elect’s agenda. “We are sending you a message

Denver’s big hopes for tiny houses

Photo: Wikimedia Commons If all goes according to plan, two new temporary tiny house villages will be built in Denver in 2017. The aim of building them is to provide an alternative type of shelter for people experiencing homelessness. The first will be called Beloved Community Village and is being organized in part by the

NODAPL protest draws local Native Americans to Boston Common

Standing Rock protesters marched through the streets of Boston against the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline last Friday afternoon. The rally was organized by Medicine Wheel Solidarity Network, a coalition of groups supporting the NODAPL movement, in order to support the All Nations March at Washington D.C. Several Native American speakers were invited to

Harvard students demand support from school administration

Shortly after the newest incarnation of the Trump administration’s Muslim ban was announced, the Harvard International Students Working Group rallied for institutional support from the university and to show solidarity with undocumented workers in Harvard Square on Tuesday, March 7. Gathered around the T station, the Harvard students held signs and cheered each other’s impassioned