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Tenants, activists protest unfair rent hike in Hyde Park

Tenants, activists protest unfair rent hike in Hyde Park

Bruce Green of the Stony Brook Tenants Union spoke at the rally against displacement on June 2 in Hyde Park. Photo by Valerie Li. Stony Brook Village residents rallied against their home’s management company for retaliatory rent increase, evictions, and unlivable housing conditions on June 2, at the property in Hyde Park. Two local activist

Help Spare Change News Help Others!

Happy Spring! Spring is a season of new beginnings and change. We want to start off by thanking you all for your gracious and generous donations from our past fall appeal. We sincerely appreciate your help and support. It is because of you that we are still alive after 27 years and still able to

IDs For the Homeless are Common Sense

“Having an ID card is instrumental to giving folks pathways out of poverty,” says Molly Schulman, Community Organizer and Legislative Advocate with the Massachusetts Coalition For the Homeless. She, along with Associate Director Kelly Turley, are at the Massachusetts State House every day advocating on behalf of the homeless on everything from increasing funding for

A Tale of Two Bostons

A couple of weeks ago I was among the many who participated in the Poor People’s Campaign’s “Spill the Tea Tour”, also known at the Truth & Poverty tour, in Boston. It was an educational tour meant to bring awareness to to the plight of poor and homeless people – an issue that is ignored

Needle Take Back Day launches in Boston

Councilor Annissa Essaibi George (middle) at the inaugural Needle Take Back Day event. On Thursday, April 25, nearly 30 community health care organizations and centers across Boston banded together for the city’s inaugural Needle Take Back Day.  The event, promoted by City Councilor At-Large, Annissa Essaibi-George, is part of her continuing objective to increase the

Hiding the Problem

Once again the Boston Marathon is upon us, and so is another tradition: pushing the homeless out of the marathon area. It happens every year. Homeless folks are sent packing while tourists, politicians, and runners travel back and forth around the area. Barriers are put up around the public library where the homeless sit, where