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Project Bread’s 50th Annual Walk for Hunger

Project Bread’s 50th Annual Walk for Hunger

While working to end hunger in Massachusetts, Project Bread hosted its 50th annual Walk for Hunger on Sunday, May 6. For 20 miles through the heart of Boston, over 10,000 people walked and donated money while getting exercise, meeting new people, and fighting for change. “Seeing a sea of people walk who come from all

Looking in the Mirror: Part Two

A few years ago a woman I was dating asked me this question: “Why are there hardly any women selling Spare Change?” It was a question I had heard before and for the life of me I couldn’t answer it. I remember mumbling something about I didn’t know if the board of directors or anyone

Looking in the Mirror: Part One

The other day I was thinking of one of our former editors, the first black editor Spare Change had in over 20 years, when he came aboard he began to take the paper in a new direction. Let’s just say there was a lot more color than the paper was used to, and there was

Boston Celebrates International Worker’s Day

On May 1, a crowd of about two hundred activists and workers gathered on Boston Common for May Day, also known as International Worker’s Day. The holiday honors workers and demands better working conditions, livable wages, and more workers’ rights.The Boston rally was organized by Boston Food for Activists, Cosecha Boston, Green Rainbow Party Boston,

The construction of an image

Sometimes even the simplest picture tells a deeper story. In this case, one about the life of Luis Muñiz, an elderly Uruguayan man living in a homeless shelter. In this moving account, Factor S editor Fernando Vidal explains what he did to get the perfect shot. It took three weeks to get the shot, not