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Criticism abounds as b.good revives Long Island farm

Criticism abounds as b.good revives Long Island farm

Several years ago, many homeless and addicted individuals called Long Island home. The Boston Harbor Island was filled to the brim with social service programs. A farm helped feed those staying at a large shelter. A summer camp offered programs for adolescents from Boston’s at-risk neighborhoods. Closed to the public, the city-owned island helped 1,000

Special Report: Attacks on LGBT people rarely prosecuted as hate crimes

Photo: Ludovic Bertron By Ned Parker and Mimi Dwyer Courtesy of / Reuters Dionte Greene, a 22-year-old black gay male, was looking for a hook-up. He reached out to an 18-year-old stranger on Facebook. “I’m not interested in smoking weed with you, Travone,” Greene wrote to the teenager, Travone Shaw, in their first exchange.

Solving Dilemmas: Mel King, legendary activist and politician, talks fair housing in Boston

Photo: Zengzheng Wang Mel King is one of the fiercest and certainly most experienced crusaders in the fight for affordable housing in Boston. Just three years ago, at the age of 85, he was arrested at an eviction protest. In addition to his decades-long career of activism, King boats stints as a state representative, an

Evicted: Matthew Desmond’s bestseller chronicles extreme poverty and the struggle to find and keep stable housing

Photo: Michael Kienitz The government has been telling people that the economy has been making a steady but slow recovery from the Great Recession nine years ago. During most months over the past few years, the unemployment rate has suggested a rosy picture of job growth. GDP has slowly improved. The housing market has heated

“The Awkward Conversation”: W. Kamau Bell talks racism in America, new show, American justice system

It’s not like W. Kamau Bell aspired to be at the forefront of political comedy and social commentary when he was growing up. He just really liked comedy as a kid. He watched “Saturday Night Live” religiously at a very young age and one day hoped to make it on that stage. In fact, political

Home for Little Wanderers Hosts 12th Annual Voices and Visions Art Show

Photo: Home for Little Wanderers/Voices and Visions Each May, nearly 1,000 people gather at the Seaport World Trade Center for the Home for Little Wanderers’ annual Voices and Visions fundraiser and art show. This year, the Little Wanderers, who produced the nearly 200 pieces of artwork that were on display, showed audiences what “My World

Bill Keller: Holding the Criminal Justice System Accountable

Photo Credit: Zengzheng Wang In February 2014 Bill Keller shocked the media world when he left the New York Times after 30 years to start a national conversation about the U.S. criminal justice system as editor of The Marshall Project. “This felt like an area where there might actually be a chance to make a

Healey Cracks Down on Sex Trafficking, Indicts Five People

Attorney General Maura Healey charged three men and two women on Friday, April 7 for their involvement in three separate cases of human trafficking across Massachusetts, according to a statement from Attorney General Maura Healey’s office. “No little girl grows up wanting to be involved in a life of sexual exploitation,” Healey said. Healey has

The Naked Truth: Lewis Black talks education, the presidential race and staying relevant in comedy

For the last 27 years Lewis Black, the famously irate political satirist, stand-up comedian, author and actor, has run the gauntlet in the entertainment industry. But despite being one of the most recognizable names in comedy, Black jokes that the Republican presidential candidates are making him irrelevant this campaign season. “This year more than any