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Overcoming Challenges, One Employment Opportunity at a Time

Written 3/12/2020, published today While many agencies across the nation are working on initiatives to address addiction and support individuals affected by addiction, one organization is taking a unique approach. Advocates for Human Potential (AHP) is a consulting firm in Massachusetts that specializes in behavioral health in order to support vulnerable and disenfranchised populations. The

Remembering Menino: The Former Mayor’s Legacy on Social Justice

The late Mayor Tom Menino’s impact on the city of Boston was easy to see after his death on the morning of Oct. 30. Thousands visited his casket in Fanuiel Hall on Saturday, Nov. 2, and thousands more lined the route of his funeral procession the next day. As the oft-repeated statistic claims, more than

Computerized Unemployment Insurance System Creates Hassles for the Unemployed

BOSTON, Mass.—When the Commonwealth’s $46-million computerized unemployment insurance system launched in July 2013, officials declared it an instant success. However, emails that the Boston Globe recently obtained demonstrate systemic flaws and high levels of user frustration with the new Massachusetts Unemployment Insurance (UI) online system. In the emails, which the Globe obtained through a federal

Gentrification in Chinatown Raises Demand for Affordable Housing

CHINATOWN, Mass.—“It has long been gentrified,” A Chinatown resident exclaimed with a heavy sigh as he walked toward his apartment in Tai Tung Village, one of the early housing projects for low-income Chinatown residents. Tai Tung Village is a gray, medium-sized high-rise surrounded by other rundown-looking apartments. A family of four only needs to pay

MBTA Cleaners Fight Staff Cuts

BOSTON, Mass.—On Saturday June 22, MBTA station cleaners and their supporters marched through downtown Boston and rallied in the Boston Common to protest upcoming staff cuts that would eliminate 30 percent of the cleaning workforce on September 1. The rally attracted 1,000 people, according to police reports, and was the latest event in cleaners’ campaign

Youth Aging Out: An Interview with CFCS Executive Director Maria Mossaides

CAMBRIDGE, Mass.—Every year, hundreds of young adults become ineligible to continue receiving care from the Commonwealth’s Department of Children and Families due to age restrictions. Maria Mossaides, executive director of Cambridge Family and Children’s Service and co-chair of the Massachusetts Task Force on Youth Aging Out of Foster Care, works to help many of these

Unemployment Rate Climbs as Mass. Loses 4,800 Jobs in August

By Matt Murphy STATE HOUSE NEWS SERVICE STATE HOUSE, BOSTON, SEPT. 20, 2012…..Gov. Deval Patrick pledged to the stay the course despite a gloomy jobs report released Thursday morning showing that despite an increase in government jobs the economy shed 4,800 total jobs in August, driving the unemployment up to 6.3 percent. “This is not