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Aaron Tanaka: Co-founder, Boston Worker’s Alliance

SCN: What is the Boston Worker’s Alliance? AT: It’s an organization based in Grove Hall in the Roxbury/Dorchester area. The BWA is a grassroots community organization lead by underemployed and unemployed workers, and people with barriers to their employment. The co-founder is city councilor Chuck Turner and the District 7 Advisory Board, which are veteran

Joe Finn: Executive Director, Massachusetts Homeless Shelter Alliance

“I have always fundamentally believed that the issue of homelessness needs to be addressed. And all of my life’s work has been focused on what we can do to end it and meet these people’s needs.”—Joe Finn For Joe Finn, devoting his life’s work to helping the needy has always made sense. Coming from a

Bob Hurlbut: Executive Director, Cambridge Community Foundation

Age: 76 Location: Cambridge How Marin Luther King Jr. Inspired You: Before I did the foundation for twenty years, I was the headmaster of Parks School in Brookline. And before that, teacher at Newton High School. During those early years as a teacher and school head, I was very involved in civil rights activities, including

International Human Rights Day

International Human Rights Day was held on December 10, 2012 all around the world. Personally, it seems more appropriate to have December as International Human Rights Month, because of all the reasons people complain, fight and celebrate in December. You ask yourself; “When was the last time I celebrated or even gave a thought about