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Saul Alinsky and Progressive MA Politics

The other day I was re-reading Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” and found his observations relevant to Massachusetts progressives, both in terms of criticism and insight. The upcoming special election for the Senate seat, vacated by John Kerry upon his confirmation as Secretary of State, provides opportunities beyond the result at the polls. Because the

Food for Free

Over the past three years, Food For Free, a Cambridge-based food recovery organization, has created partnerships with two prominent local food corporations: Boston Organics and the Greater Boston Food Bank. Their purpose is to deliver food to people facing food insecurity in Greater Boston with a population of 106,000 and a median household income of

How the Fiscal Cliff Deal Will Impact Homelessness

On January 1, 2013, Congress passed a bipartisan bill called the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012. ATRA eliminates or postpones many aspects of the so-called “fiscal cliff.” President Barack Obama signed the bill on January 2. The fiscal cliff is a term for the expiration of several federal tax cuts and the Budget Control

Black Boys Under the Gun

A day after the Thanksgiving holiday, 17-year-old Jordan Russell Davis was shot by a 45-year-old assailant, Michael David Dunn. Dunn claims that he unloaded his gun into a vehicle full of teens in “self-defense” after stopping the youths to order them to turn their music down. Davis was Black. Dunn is White. Lest the public too

One Cold Day In Paradise

On my way to talk to a group of students about homelessness, the wind chill on this day made what was already a bone chilling 5 degrees. Even though I was dressed for the occasion, I still couldn’t feel my face. As I walked through the Commons I saw something shocking. There is a homeless