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Harvard Law Students partner with Spare Change News

Harvard Law Students partner with Spare Change News

Harvard Law students Antoine Southern and Anne Rosenblum will be guiding Spare Change News vendors through the legal questions that come with being a small business owner. Courtesy photo We are third-year Harvard Law School students from the Transactional Law Clinics’ Community Enterprise Project, and we are partnering with Spare Change News to address some

Boston City Councilor Looks to Help Homeless Families out of the Shadows

We are in the midst of the lazy, hazy days of summer. But when the days start getting shorter, the nights cooler and Labor Day draws near, our thoughts turn to the annual back-to-school traditions. Even as adults, September evokes memories of the excitement and perhaps, the anxiety, of a new year, new friends and new

Going for the Gold: The 1996 Summer Olympics pushed out Atlanta’s poorest residents. What will happen if Boston wins its bid?

On December 16, Boston Mayor Martin Walsh went to California to speak to the US Olympic Committee in support Boston’s bid for the 2024 Olympic Games, despite mixed feelings back East. Boston is competing with Los Angeles, San Francisco and Washington, DC to host the Games, and the topic’s been a source of debate among