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Jetpac: The New Face of Diversity and Inclusion

Jetpac: The New Face of Diversity and Inclusion

Although Jetpac is an acronym that stands for Justice, Education, Technology, Policy and Advocacy Center, it’s much more than that for Muslim Americans. Shaun Kennedy, Jetpac’s executive director, and Nadeem Mazen, its president, founded the nonprofit in December 2015 in order to increase civic engagement and community service in Muslim communities. Kennedy, who’s from Norfolk

City of Cambridge moving inclusionary zoning amendment into law

Cambridge has created 100 units of affordable housing over the past year,  a trend it is looking to continue and build upon in 2017. The Cambridge city council hopes to increase the percentage of affordable housing to 20 percent of the city’s total residential housing units by June of this year. Cambridge implemented inclusionary zoning,

Vice Mayor Marc McGovern talks to SCN about the city’s efforts to help the victims of last weeks 10-alarm fire in Cambridge

(Photo: Brett Boston) Days after the devastating fire that destroyed several houses along Berkshire Street in Cambridge and displaced almost 150 people, the city’s vice mayor Marc McGovern talked to Spare Change News about what he and his colleagues were doing to help those in need. Q: How are you guys helping people who lost

Solidarity and reflection in Cambridge after Pulse shooting

Amid pride month festivities in Boston, a crowd gathered at Cambridge City Hall for a somber reflection on the shooting at a queer nightclub in Orlando, Florida. Members of Cambridge’s school board, interfaith communities and local government were present as Mayor E. Denise Simmons remarked on the tragedy. The shooter entered Pulse nightclub in Orlando,

Under the Bridge: The Criminalization of the Homeless

I had the wonderful opportunity to see a screening of the documentary “Under the Bridge: The Criminalization of Homelessness” at Cambridge City Hall. The evening was made possible by Vice Mayor Marc McGovern, who brought together an audience of local social services providers who work day-in and day-out on issues touching the homeless of Cambridge.

Cambridge Mayor Denise Simmons Talks to Spare Chance News about housing, homelessness, and linkage fees

SCN: You served your first term as mayor from 2008–2009. What did you learn in your first term and how will this term be different? DS: You really don’t know until you know. It’s a lot of work: the office of the mayor. For two reasons, one you come with a sense of what you

City Council considers satellite police station in Central Square

Photo: Madeleine Ball The Cambridge city manager is exploring the possibility of creating a satellite police station in Central Square, after city councilors raised concerns about the deteriorating condition of Carl Barron Plaza this past September. The city council voted unanimously to recommend the city manager look into putting the satellite police station in Central

FREE STUFF: 30 free activities this fall

Here’s a list of 30 things to do this fall. Good news? It’s all free. Every Thursday: free admission to ICA. Pretend to be a tourist and walk the Freedom Trail. Watch the stars at the Museum of Science’s free “Astronomy After Hours” every Friday (weather permitting). Free tours of Symphony Hall. Volunteer for Urban