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Boycotting the NFL Won’t Stop Police Brutality

Boycotting the NFL Won’t Stop Police Brutality

On the day of the New England Patriots’ first game of the year, a friend asked me if I was going to watch it. I said, “Of course I am,” and he immediately began to lecture me on how I was betraying my people. (He was white, go figure.) As everyone knows—unless you’ve been in

American Fall: Anti-Flag’s Chris Barker on Distractions, Deregulations and Donald Trump

Anti-Flag have been making music for over 20 years, and still remain “eternal optimists.” Photo My Meghan Thomson The number two has surrounded Chris Barker his entire life. The decade in which Barker was born, “Christopher” was number two on the Department of Social Security’s “Most Common Baby names of the 1980s” list. His tenure