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Advocates Seek to Strengthen Long-ignored Aid Program

Advocates Seek to Strengthen Long-ignored Aid Program

Photo: Emmanuel Huybrechts A new bill that would strengthen a program that provides aid to over 21,000 low-income elderly, children, and disabled citizens throughout the Commonwealth is awaiting a vote in the state house. House Bill 529 seeks to make adjustments to the Emergency Aid for the Elderly, Disabled and Children (EAEDC) program, a 27

Arlington Woman Arrested for Scamming Elderly Man out of $100,000

An Arlington woman was arrested for allegedly scamming an elderly man out of $100,000 earlier this month, Arlington Police said. Anisa Llega, 24, was arrested Dec. 2, after she conned an 84-year-old man into giving her more than $100,000 for school loans, auto payments, and surgery by claiming she was suffering from a terminal brain