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A Cup of Tea For Occupy

Joel Foster On the first night of Occupy Boston, when protesters flooded Dewey Square and set up a makeshift tent village, I overheard a conversation. It was spoken between a young kid watching the action unfold and an older guy, who identified himself as a former Democratic activist. The gist of the conversation was that


James Shearer Spare Change News As fall closes in, I have been watching a few things. Maybe you have, as well. 1. This whole Occupy thing. The Wall Street protests have finally reached Boston, big-time. The protests, which started off as a small rally at an area of the Greenway near the financial district, have

Editorial: Flip-flops and hypocrites

Editorial: Flip-flops and hypocrites After all these years, Mitt Romney is still on the make. While that comes as no surprise, the former Massachusetts governor occasionally catches us off guard with another breathlessly unprincipled statement that underscores his willingness to say anything to get elected. A recent example came on Romney’s appearance on Mike Huckabee’s

Moving On

Moving On The mark of a great leader is knowing when to stand aside and let others lead. No, I didn’t get that saying out of some book or hear someone say it. These are my own words. And it is with these words that I begin my seventh and final year as president of

Editorial: Betting on trouble

As a federal judge lectured yet another Massachusetts legislative leader for official corruption and sentenced him to multiple years in jail, the remaining powers that be on Beacon Hill were busy pitching a scheme that was devised behind closed doors to bring Las Vegas-style casinos to the Bay State. Somehow, it’s impossible to think about

The Campaign for Fair Foods comes to Boston

Beatrice Bell Spare Change News Recently I went to a protest outside of Trader Joe’s on Boylston Street across from the Hynes Convention Center. I didn’t know what to expect. What I learned was very interesting. Immokalee Farms, which is located in Florida, grows tomatoes for Trader Joes, Stop & Shop, McDonald’s, Subway and Whole