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On the Brink

Tammy Anne Callahan-Callanan Spare Change News My family has lived like gypsies in Salem for many years, in that we move from place to place as employment demands. For the countless families that are low-income, being nomadic relates to not only employment, but also to financial demands: the demands of rent, affordable housing, utilities, clothing,

Editorial: Betting on trouble

As a federal judge lectured yet another Massachusetts legislative leader for official corruption and sentenced him to multiple years in jail, the remaining powers that be on Beacon Hill were busy pitching a scheme that was devised behind closed doors to bring Las Vegas-style casinos to the Bay State. Somehow, it’s impossible to think about

Open Letter to Senator Scott Brown

Dear Senator Brown: I am writing you because you are my lobbyist in Congress. Your voters have but three. Special interests have thousands. This is not exactly a letter, it is more like a lament. Hopefully something here will have some appeal. Here is how one voter sees the world as Congress works to restore

SCN Interview with Harvard Economist Edward Glaeser

Edward Glaeser, an economics professor at Harvard University, recently sat down with Spare Change News editor Tom Benner to discuss his myth-shattering book about cities, “Triumph of the City: How Our Greatest Invention Makes Us Richer, Smarter, Greener, Healthier, and Happier.” SCN: Your book makes the case that cities make up America’s economic heartland, and

Editorial: Senators, You’re No Ted Kennedy

When Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid appointed John Kerry to the so-called “super committee” charged with cutting more than $1 trillion from the federal deficit over 10 years, we couldn’t help but wonder if the Bay State’s senior senator is in for more swift-boating. Kerry and the two other Democratic senators appointed to the committee

Some of us just need housing

James Shearer Spare Change News Many of you no doubt have been following Spare Change News editor Tom Benner’s three-part series on Housing First, and it has been a good and informative series. But for me, on a personal and professional level, there are still some things that need to be addressed. No, not by