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Robbing Peter and the Silent Majority

In the last edition of SCN there was a story regarding the Governor’s new budget. One of the new proposals for this 2012 budget is “to reduce the state’s reliance on shelter and move towards a system with a housing first approach that will provide greater self-sufficiency while using resources more efficiently.” While this all

Sober For Myself and No One Else

It’s been awhile since I have continued with my adventure in post detox Danvers. I left off after my first conversation with Lindsay, my case worker. To sum up briefly, she told me AA was not necessarily right for everyone and maybe I did not need AA to stay sober. She explained that I had

The Myth Exposed Part 2

Boston likes to think of itself as a liberal city. As a matter of fact, Massachusetts as a whole loves to think of itself as a liberal state. We take great pride in it. We beat our chests about it, and always vote democrat. We make up our own rules and generally thumb our noses

Beyond the Class System in America

My name is Jacques, a.k.a. “The Haitian Firefly” in artistic circles. I am a poet, author, columnist, novelist and essayist. I came up with the nickname “The Haitian Firefly” to reflect my bold individuality and life credo that we are all essentially fireflies, we glow but only for a short amount of time, so we

Speaking Her Mind: Actress Sophia Bush Talks to SCN about Women’s Rights, the Environment, and Urban Outfitters.

When you hear Sophia Bush you may think of the actress from long running television show One Tree Hill, where she has portrayed character Brooke Davis for the past eight years. Yet Bush has done much more than act; along with being an icon for women’s rights and fighting for healthy body images in young

Thoughts On Spring

Spreading Fear First I need to say that my heart goes out to the people of Japan. Let’s all pray that their recovery is swift. It’s hard to look at the pictures from there and not be horrified by the devastation that the earthquake and the tsunami that followed it brought upon them. The crisis

Dancing with Demons: On Living with Depression

In Honor of my supportive, family, friends and fans. One restless night among the many restless nights of living a life marred with relentless anxiety and depression, I dreamt that I was walking along a boardwalk somewhere in America with my psychiatrist walking alongside me, trying desperately to talk me out of ending my life.

Families in need

In 2006, my family was living on the financial edge. With no safety net, we existed week to week and the rent that we owed was increasing dramatically. No matter how hard my husband and I searched, the job market was just not producing for us, until eventually, in February of 2006, we were forced

Homeless again

I really don’t like putting my personal life on display, but I am, to show how suddenly even the s o – c a l l e d mighty can fall. For me the holidays sucked. Right around Christmas my partner of 11 years and I split. I won’t bore you with details, just know