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Hawaii’s Newest Shelter Aims to be a Blueprint for Future Services

Hawaii’s Newest Shelter Aims to be a Blueprint for Future Services

Crystal Lewis, a Coast Guard veteran and mother of three, was the first client at Hawaii’s newest homeless shelter, a remodeled warehouse in urban Honolulu that provides 24-hour shelter for families while working with them to find long-term housing within 90 days. In Hawaii, where homelessness is so widespread, the governor declared it a state

Puuhonua O Waianae: Hawaii’s refuge for the homeless, by the homeless

When Twinkle Borge heard about the community meeting in 2010 to discuss what to do about the growing population at the homeless encampment near Waianae Boat Harbor on Oahu’s west coast, she figured the camp’s residents ought to have a voice. Borge had been living in the camp since 2006, a few years after she

Hawaii church deploys dome community to shelter the homeless

From the Vatican to Notre Dame, some of the most resilient structures in the world have one thing in common—the architectural use of the circle. Officials at the First Assembly of God in Honolulu believe the present solution to Hawaii’s enduring homelessness crisis involves the same 360 degree formula, providing the homeless with shelter and

Massachusetts Advocates Consider Call for Homeless Emergency

Activists and housing advocates in Massachusetts are looking at the possibility of declaring a state of emergency on homelessness statewide after several West Coast cities and the state of Hawaii announced emergency situations in the last few months. Representatives from about 20 Massachusetts organizations that deal with homelessness met on Dec. 4 to discuss, for

Elected Officials Declare Homelessness an Emergency

First it was Los Angeles, then it was Portland, and now it’s the state of Hawaii. All three places have declared a state of emergency to address homelessness. On September 22nd, the Los Angeles city council declared a state of emergency to address homelessness. The city council appropriated $100 million to fund initiatives such as