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Homeless Memorial Service 2017

Homeless Memorial Service 2017

The pews at Church on the Hill were filled with friends, advocates, and members of the homeless community on Thursday to pay tribute to over 100 people who died this past year. The interfaith service marked the 28th anniversary of the National Homeless Person’s Memorial Day, though the Boston community has seen a similar event

“No person should have to live or die homeless”: US street papers unite to cover National Homeless Person’s Memorial Day

Courtesy of INSP News Service www.INSP.ngo / Street Sense By Ethan Cohen, One Step Away; Colleen Cosgriff, Dottie Kramer and Reginald Black, Street Sense; Alex Ramirez, Spare Change News Photo: Alena Kuzub Just days before Christmas, thousands of people across the U.S. gathered to remember the homeless and formerly-homeless people who died in 2015. INSP members