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From Homeless to Hopeful: One Woman’s Battle Against Addiction

From Homeless to Hopeful: One Woman’s Battle Against Addiction

In the back room of East Boston’s Meridian House, a long rectangular table is covered with blank paper. A group of about 20 people chat idly, sitting on all sides. Some have dyed hair and tattoos. Some speak in thick Boston accents. Some curse. Soon, they are quieted by a woman with bright pink hair

Some advocates see holes in HUD data, argue that homelessness may not be on the decline

The narrative that homelessness is on the decline nationally and in Massachusetts is something that local homeless advocates find hard to believe. Recently released reports from the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) say that there are less homeless families, veterans and disabled persons on the street this year than in previous years, yet

What Does Massachusetts’ Low Unemployment Rate Mean for the State’s Homeless?

This past August, the Massachusetts unemployment rate hit a substantial low, dropping from 4.1 percent in July to 3.9 percent—the lowest it has been in 15 years. With 5,900 jobs added last month, the last time the state’s jobless rate was this low was August 2001. The added jobs were primarily in leisure and hospitality,

Can Weed Help Homeless People in Massachusetts?

The short answer: yes, possibly. Last month, Colorado’s third largest city announced that it will use a portion of its revenue generated from tax on recreational cannabis to support homeless people and local city nonprofits. Aurora, Colo., expects to bring in $4.5 million from marijuana sales, according to the Aurora Sentinel. The City Council has plans