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Seattle declares homelessness an emergency

Seattle declares homelessness an emergency

Seattle became the latest city to declare homelessness an emergency this week. Mayor Ed Murray and King County Executive Dow Constantine announced they were declaring the emergencies Tuesday, November 2, Murry’s office said in a press release. Seattle City Council members Mike O’Brien, Sally Bagshaw and John Okamoto also helped outline new investments aimed at

Elected Officials Declare Homelessness an Emergency

First it was Los Angeles, then it was Portland, and now it’s the state of Hawaii. All three places have declared a state of emergency to address homelessness. On September 22nd, the Los Angeles city council declared a state of emergency to address homelessness. The city council appropriated $100 million to fund initiatives such as

VOICES FROM THE STREETS: How not to go missing

I was reading an article in the Boston Globe about a homeless man that the police found.  Well, actually, they found his legs first.  They had been severed from his body and were lying by a Connecticut train station.  From DNA testing they found out that the man’s name was Ray Roberson. They’ve found what

VOICES FROM THE STREET: Thinking of you, Willa

It’s maddening as a writer when you’re working on your column and you’re way past deadline. Then something pops up. It makes you stop the presses and restart as I’m doing now. I don’t like it but if I don’t get this out it would be lost. By now everyone on the planet has seen

VENDOR VOICES: When I was homeless

For me, the 1980s was a time of creativity, a lot of stress and homelessness. I left Boston after six years and went on to complete my associates’ degree at a suburban Long Island college. Once I got back to New York, I registered with a temporary employment agency and worked in my first full-time

Beatrice Bell

LAST WORD: Beatrice Bell

It’s the morning of Good Friday at Spare Change News, and Beatrice Bell, one of the newspaper’s longest-serving reporters, is telling me an amazing story. At the age of seven, after a terrible asthma attack, she found herself having one of those life-changing experiences that are called, in the literature, “near-death.” For three days, which