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Healthy Eating Habits and Locally Grown Foods

Robert Sondak Spare Change News In an effort to promote healthy eating habits and Massachusetts-grown produce, Governor Deval Patrick launched a free online monthly newsletter called “ChopChop”. This newsletter was created in partnership with “ChopChop” magazine, a national quarterly publication that focuses on bringing parents and children together to prepare meals. “We are committed to

Helping the Homeless Weather The Cold

By Jim Greene Emergency Shelter Commission, Boston Public Health Commission In this season of extreme cold weather and wind chills in the single digits, it is more important than ever that everyone remains vigilant to help the most vulnerable among us. Hypothermia and frost-bite set in extremely quickly at sub-freezing temperatures, and homeless people are

Occupy The Dream

Nakia Hill Spare Change News Harry B. Rutherford, Jr. lives in Columbus, South Carolina, where he has his own dental practice serving his community. On January 16, when the nation celebrates the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. by taking a day off of work to reflect, attend an event in his honor, like

Michael Shorey Vendor Profile

Larissa Butrimowicz Spare Change News Michael Shorey was born in New York, but moved to Salem, Mass. with his adoptive parents, who then decided to move to York, Maine, when he was 11. He was one of six adopted siblings and had an idyllic childhood. He worked at a restaurant in Kittery, Maine for 12