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Look Under the Hood, and Kick Some Tires

AARON JAMES Spare Change News What do you want in your president? Put political ideologies and terminology aside. Put the names of current candidates in the back of your mind. Start backward with an independent frame of mind. It is a tough question that should require some thought. I can narrow down my answer to


James Shearer Spare Change News In my last column I spoke of the fare increases on the MBTA, which take effect in July. Even though I wrote that the increases and service cuts were unfair, I thought to myself later that if I’m wrong about all of this and it’s not that bad, I would

Making Cambridge Safer for Walkers

Robert Sondak Spare Change News US News & World Report included the city of Cambridge in a 2009 story, “15 Cities for People Who Hate Driving and Long Commutes.” Cambridge scored high with an average commute time of 24 minutes and a 58 percent rate of non-car commuters. According to the article, “Cambridge combines all

T Riders Union Speaks at Rosie’s Place

Beatrice Bell Spare Change News On Jan. 18 at Rosie’s Place, Lee Matsueda of the T Riders Union came to talk about MBTA proposed fare hikes. The MBTA wants to reduce service to most bus routes, increase the RIDE base fares, increase the CharlieCard fixed route base price, and institute a $5 premium fare for

Editorial: Cut!

Massachusetts is preparing another grim budget for the next fiscal year that is expected to include modest “revenue enhancers” — that is, tax and/or fee hikes on the general public — and yet another round of cuts to social services. Given those two eventualities, the state’s dubious film tax credit program belongs on top of

The Origin of the Kennedy Curse

The Origin of the Kennedy Curse (EDITOR’S NOTE: The following is reprinted from Ireland’s Big Issue, one of our sister papers within the International Network of Street Papers. We thought the story is a natural for a Boston audience). By Tom Prendeville Ireland’s Big Issue We’ve all heard of the “Kennedy curse”. Is there an

How Haiti Earned Its Place in Black History

The first independent nation in Latin America and the first Black-led republic in the world shaped the African-American identity Jacques Fleury Spare Change News “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” -Martin Luther King Jr. In the two years since the earthquake that devastated Haiti, a country already marred by political depravity and economic