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Cradles to Crayons: Getting Essentials to Homeless and Low-income Children

Liam Cunningham Spare Change News It all began during a typical holiday trip to Michigan, where Lynn Margherio travels nearly every winter to visit her family. During the trip, Margherio was struck with an eye-opening realization while helping her young niece get dressed. “I was helping my niece get dressed and was pulling things from

The Legacy of the Black Soldiers of the Civil War

In honor of Black History Month Jacques Fleury Spare Change News “Cowards die many times before their deaths, the valiant never taste of death but once.” — Shakespeare, Julius Caesar (II, ii, 32-37) The contributions and achievements of black people throughout American History have often been overlooked in traditional history textbooks. Although I was educated

We Can End Homelessness

By Lyndia Downie, President and Executive Director, Pine Street Inn There was a time when most of society assumed that someone like “Walter,” a chronically homeless man struggling with depression and addiction, had few alternatives to (or perhaps even preferred) life on the street. Walter would stay at a shelter like Pine Street Inn on