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Three A.M. in Hell

Three A.M. in Hell By Andrea S. Gereighty Blood on the table bone on the wing tonight something evil covers the sky. The moon cross cut Drips with excrement, pus. The wind slices knives serrated, through us. Dehumidifiers hum song, hymn, prayer nothing can save us terrorism stalks there. Will we be hijacked cut down

Under the Cover of Night

Jacques Fleury Spare Change News The full moon permeates the darkened street where Chiro sprints to hide under the bridge, the rolling waves of the ocean muffling the footsteps trailing behind him. Exhausted from fear and the run itself, he leans against the wall to catch his breath as the hooligans pursuing him get close

Poverty in Suburbia

Wellesley event to highlight need in wealthy communities Paula Mathieu Spare Change News Very little about the upcoming MetroWest Homelessness Forum is what one might expect. Unexpected Detail #1: It’s taking place in the tiny suburb of Wellesley, the fifth wealthiest town in Massachusetts. “What are you talking about, homelessness in Wellesley?” quips Evelyn Reading,

'Home Street Home' Worth Reading

Chalkey Horenstein Spare Change News Georgia Saunders’ “Home Street Home: The Virginia Beach Chronicles” can be best described in one word: raw. Raw are the stories she tells about the life of a homeless person. Raw are the tensions that build when people who can’t stand each other are forced to depend on each other.

Corporate Catering for a Cause

Robert Sondak Spare Change News Pine Street Inn, the largest resource for homeless men and women in New England, has created a social enterprise catering business called iCater. iCater represents one of the two social enterprises run by the Pine Street Inn. iCater offers high-quality catered food to the Boston corporate marketplace. Boston Handyworks represents