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All The News That’s Fit to Occupy: Back to Dewey Square with the Boston Occupier’s Dan Schneider

Leanne OʼBrien Spare Change News I sat down with Dan Schneider, editor of The Boston Occupier, a volunteerrun newspaper which bills itself as “an independent news source for Occupy Boston and the Occupy Movement.” The Emerson College film student and I discussed “journo-activism,” the Tea Party, and what’s next for the Occupy movement. Spare Change


James Shearer Spare Change News A couple of days ago I participated in a forum, The MetroWest Homelessness Forum in Wellesley (Yes there is homelessness in Wellesley.) It was inspiring. I felt a ray of hope, which is pretty unusual these days. Most of the time when I go to an event like this with

Trayvon Martin and the Failure to See Past Race

Anthony Thames Spare Change News On February 26, 2012, 17-yearold Trayvon Martin was shot and killed by George Zimmerman, a self-appointed Neighborhood Watch captain in Sanford, Florida. News reports have somewhat described the encounter between these two individuals primarily through live audio with Mr. Zimmerman calling 911 after seeing a “suspicious person” (Martin) roaming the