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Cambridge Farmers Markets

Cambridge, the home of two of America’s top universities, Harvard and MIT, is also the central location for six farmers markets. These farmers markets are open six days a week Monday through Sunday with the exception of Wednesday. Each Farmers Market is a diversified food focused urban marketplace that serves the community of greater Cambridge

Homeless and Housed Populations Unified by Common Art

[img_assist|nid=291|title=A Common Artist at Work|desc=Photo curtesy of http://www.ecclesia-ministries.org/common_art.html|link=none|align=center|width=640|height=480] Summertime on Newbury Street beckons tourists and locals to stroll the sidewalks and admire the bright patterns of the season. Propped up in front of historic Emmanuel Church is a display of art for sale, featuring paintings of a field of colorful poppies, a contemporary geometric design,