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Borderland: The Breeder (Conclusion)

Marc D. Goldfinger Spare Change News (In the last episode, Patricia, a captive of Joseph, was being led into the pleasure room of the Kaliedoscope Eye Bar by Garter, an Elvish Rat breeder, who wishes to trade two Elvish Rats for the young dark girl.) http://sparechangenews.net/news/borderlands-breeder-part-one They had entered the pleasure room, and Garter uncovered

Transgender Equal Rights Law Shows Promising Start: New laws, while flawed, pave new ways for transgender rights

Noelle Swan Spare Change News Kim McMurray began her medical transition from male to female at 49 years old. “If I had done this in my early teens, there’s a good chance I’d have ended up in a psychiatric ward and shock therapy wasn’t uncommon then.” She waited half a century to live as her