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Editorial: Get Smart On Crime

“Tough on crime” talk might sounds good to legislators who like surefire-sounding answers that sell well to a crime-weary public. Three strikes and you’re out. Lock ‘em up and throw away the key. Build more jails. But even some of the nation’s more conservative states are learning that being “smart on crime” means more than

Mass. Farms Fight Food Insecurity

Robert Sondak Spare Change News The Produce to Pantries program at the Boston Natural Area Network (BNAN) was founded two-and-a-half years ago as a way to connect community gardens and people with limited means who were also facing food insecurity. Since the summer of 2010, this program has been providing local New England-grown produce gathered

Poor Planning Mars State’s Homeless Fight

By Sarah Ferris The state’s $65.3 million HomeBase program could have prevented thousands of families from entering emergency shelter last year, if funds had not been drained months into the effort, one of Massachusetts’ nonprofit housing partners said this month. The housing-first effort – spearheaded by Governor Deval Patrick as part of his campaign to

The Poetry of Bob “Bikerwolf” Bryant

Miles Passed By By: Bob “Bikerwolf” Bryant Roads traveled, Lessons learned Righteous Runs, Crash and Burns Scarred body, Wounded Soul Miles passed by as two wheels rolled Friends enter, Friends leave Sometimes happy, Sometimes peeved Yesterdays passed, Feeling old Miles passed by as two wheels rolled Hopefully destined, To always roam Ride with Brothers, Ride