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Paying The Price

Paying The Price

About two weeks ago, my chest started bothering me. I couldn’t really describe the feeling; it was like an itching across the inside of my chest. I didn’t know whether it was my heart or my lungs. When I was 11 years, I started smoking Camel non-filters and smoked regularly from then until my last

The Church of The Coveted Glen (Conclusion)

Read part one here. Lucy practically moved into his residence. Greta, at first, took great umbrage at the Lucy Pharr invasion. This, in itself, was extremely unusual. Most of the congregational women that had fallen under the spell of the passionate minister had not even registered the flicker of an eyelid belonging to the now

Voices from the Streets: A Hidden Violation (Conclusion)

Read part one here. (I had just gone into the courtroom, attempting to take care of a matter that was more serious than I had presumed: a felony possession of heroin with a suspended sentence.) I placed my hands on the rail so Judge Luby wouldn’t see them shaking. My public defender explained that I

Voices from the Street: A Hidden Violation, Part One

I had been in recovery for approximately four years and was extremely active in what my support groups called H & I, which stands for hospitals and institutions. A few of us would go to speak at various hospitals and detox centers to people who were trying to kick their drug habits and alcohol addictions.

VOICES FROM THE STREETS: Opioids for pain: the best idea

It astounds me how much controversy exists about prescribing opiates for pain. The fact is that opium-based prescriptions are by far the best painkillers around. When pharmaceutical companies make opiates, they make regulated doses. There are no surprise overdoses, unless the patient takes more than is prescribed. Does this happen? Well, human nature being what

VOICES FROM THE STREETS: At the speed of life

I was late to graduation, just like I was late for everything. Flying down the right hand lane on South Livingston Avenue, doing close to 90 miles an hour with my 1958 Plymouth Belvedere convertible top down when I heard a police car hit the wailers and saw the lights in my rear view mirror.

VOICES FROM THE STREETS: How not to go missing

I was reading an article in the Boston Globe about a homeless man that the police found.  Well, actually, they found his legs first.  They had been severed from his body and were lying by a Connecticut train station.  From DNA testing they found out that the man’s name was Ray Roberson. They’ve found what