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Boston progresses in goal to end chronic homelessness, despite large inflow over last two years

In a roundtable with the press on August 16, the City of Boston announced that their effort to house the chronically homeless population is seeing results, reducing the population by 20 percent since 2016. Since 2016, the city of Boston has housed 580 chronically homeless individuals — the start of Mayor Martin J. Walsh’s “Boston’s

Photo: Zengzheng Wang

Boston sees continued success housing the homeless, but still more work to do

Mayor Marty Walsh at the 2014 opening of Southampton Street Shelter. Photo: Zengzheng Wang. On Thursday, Boston officials announced that their push to end chronic individual homelessness has resulted in housing 301 individuals since the start of 2016. This is in addition to the 846 veterans they have housed since 2015. The new numbers reflect

“I Will Roll My Sleeves Up”: Mayoral Hopeful and City Councilor Tito Jackson Talks Housing, General Electric and Working-Class Boston

Photo: Alejandro Ramirez When Boston City Councilor Tito Jackson announced he was running for mayor—the sole challenger facing incumbent Mayor Martin J. Walsh—he presented himself as a champion of Boston’s working class. A working class that’s being forced out of their homes and their city, he said, while companies like General Electric get $25 million

A Tale of Two Bridges: Marty Walsh Sets Priorities with the FY2017 Boston City Budget

On Wednesday June 22, Spare Change News co-founder James Shearer and I participated in a meeting between Mayor Martin J. Walsh and the Boston Homeless Solidarity Committee. Our “ask” was unsuccessful, even as I appreciated Walsh’s gracious manner. I couldn’t help but feel sympathy for Marty Walsh, who appeared to be carrying the weight of

A New Point in Time: A more positive narrative surrounds Walsh’s second homeless census as mayor

Last year, Marty Walsh’s first homeless census as the mayor came months after he closed Long Island, an incident that displaced hundreds of homeless folks and recovering addicts in Boston and led to tough criticism of how he handled the event. To recap, the main access route to the island, a rusty 64 year old

Big Talk: Walsh functionally ends veteran homelessness, brags to Obama

This article comes courtesy of Boston Institute from Nonprofit Journalism. “I am so proud to announce: we have ended chronic veterans’ homelessness in Boston.” So said Mayor Marty Walsh in last week’s State of the City address, and in a follow-up tweet copying @WhiteHouse, @FLOTUS, @POTUS, and @SecretaryCastro for good measure. It’s a bold claim,

Mayor Walsh Unveils Affordable Senior Rental Housing Development in Mission Hill

City officials, neighborhood advocates, and residents gathered to celebrate the opening of a new senior rental housing development in the heart of Mission Hill earlier this month, Mayor Marty Walsh’s Office said. Mayor Walsh, the Mission Hill Neighborhood Housing Services, and other local officials unveiled the newly constructed Maria Sánchez House, a $15.6 million, 40-unit

GAMES OVER: Boston Olympics opponents reflect on the fight

On the same day the USOC announced that they decided to pull the bid for the Boston 2024 Olympics Games, No Boston 2024, a grassroots organization sent the public a newsletter, entitled “We won! But the fight continues.” “We were fighting the Olympics because we wanted a Boston that works for all residents, a city

FAMILY HOMELESSNESS: Census results show rise in homeless families

The Boston Public Health Commission recently released the findings of its 35th annual homeless census, which tracks the homeless population in the city of Boston. The census found an unsettlingly large increase in the amount of homeless families: the number grew a full 25 percent, up from 1,234 households last year to 1,543 this year.