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REVIEW: After All the Terrible Things I Do

REVIEW: After All the Terrible Things I Do

A play might be important, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to be effective. That’s the case with After All The Terrible Things I Do, a work by Midwestern playwright A. Rey Pamatmat. This two-character play cogently brings to the fore such issues as gay identity, self-loathing, parental pressure and bullying. While it does break

MR. g AT THE CENTRAL SQUARE THEATER: A witty play about creating the universe

The creation of the universe was quite a job. Creating a play about it is no small feat, either. Mr. g was adapted from the book of the same name by novelist and astrophysicist Alan Lightman. The play’s director, Wesley Savick, wrote the theatrical adaptation, a doubleheader of duties he also implemented with Lightman’s previous