We rely on volunteers to help meet our mission. Current administrative volunteer opportunities include:

On-call reporters to cover events and news stories. This position requires a background in journalism or writing.

Editorial assistants edit copy in our Harvard Square office. This position requires a background in editing or writing.

Artists provide pen-and-ink drawings to accompany articles. This position requires artistic or illustration experience.

Database input input information into our electronic databases and generate “thank you” letters. This position requires experience with electronic databases.

Marketers create and implement a plan to develop more awareness of the Homeless Empowerment Project and Spare Change News in the greater Boston area. This positions requires marketing, advertising, or communications experience.

Grantwriters research and write grants. This position requiers funding, nonprofit development, or grantwriting experience.

Serve on our Development Committee which plans and implements marketing and fundraising activities.

Provide periodic support for fundraising activities such as assisting with mass mailings, helping at fundraising events, etc.

If you are interested in volunteering, please email volunteer@sparechangenews.net