Author: Alexandra Cheng

  • Former Homeless Man Works His Way From The Harvard Square Homeless Shelter To the Halls Of Hamilton College.

    “I hate leaving Hamilton,” Max Yelbi, a 22-year-old college student, said of his summer hiatus from Clinton, N.Y. He has made a home on the sprawling campus in upstate New York, a home he did not have a year ago. Ye l b i , a t a l l , y o u n […]

  • Lillian MacDonald: A Success Story

    From her second floor studio apartment, Lillian MacDonald looks listlessly out the window. “This is my home,” she says of her humble abode, decorated from wall to wall with pictures, the smell of cinnamon and sweet scents from candles permeating the air. Most of the pictures are black and whites of family members and saints. […]

  • Are Peace and Love Dead in San Francisco?

    When San Franciscans head to the polls in November, they will be facing a measure that may redefine the city’s social makeup and alter its identity as a free-loving, interestingly offbeat cultural hub. In a city where homelessness is just as much a part of the landscape as the steep streets and trolley cars, Mayor […]