Author: Bruce Goldberg

  • Night Goggles

    When shadows you know step and shine on shadows you don’t, you might see what Vishnu once saw: The creation of all earth, of all life, a dream- bound together in joy and tears, the codas caught frozen in time and left for later, like an old high school yearbook boxed somewhere up in the […]

  • Aristotle in Aurora & maybe earth is a he after all

    By Bruce Goldberg, former member of SDS and Labor Organizer—his take on the shootings at the opening of the Batman Rises movie—and another poem about how humans treat the Earth..   Aristotle in Aurora   “The Good is that at which all things aim.”  Aristotle       A warm midnight in late July; laughter and the zoo-like […]

  • To June In Lieu of Flowers

    In that little house far from the road you made new left casserole and waited while we marched on the induction center and drove all night across the western slope to Grand Junction the day King was killed.   I still see you in your long blue denim dress, a frontier wife of the sixties […]