Author: Chalkey Horenstein

  • Homeless Families

    Homeless Families

    The more I work with the homeless, the more I can’t help but see the multitude of barriers to housing that can arise, including lack of affordable housing, family violence, employment and education barriers and mental health issues. However, one issue that I think is often overlooked in our attempts to alleviate homelessness in Boston […]

  • Malia Lazu: Executive Director, Future Boston Alliance

    Age: 35 Location: Originally from Honolulu HI and now in Roxbury. How Martin Luther King Jr. Inspired You: I think the strategy of his movement allowed America to have a conversation about race. He was really able to, because of his love of reconciliation and wanting to wrestle with loving your enemy, he was able […]

  • Bob Hurlbut: Executive Director, Cambridge Community Foundation

    Age: 76 Location: Cambridge How Marin Luther King Jr. Inspired You: Before I did the foundation for twenty years, I was the headmaster of Parks School in Brookline. And before that, teacher at Newton High School. During those early years as a teacher and school head, I was very involved in civil rights activities, including […]

  • State Gives Homeless a Gift

    The State House News Service recently released a brief news blurb that gave homeless people the greatest gift of all this Christmas season: hope. Just a few months ago, the Department of Housing and Community Development tightened the regulations of shelter providers, such that eligibility was restricted to only those made homeless through domestic violence, […]

  • Op-Ed

    As of September 1st, the state of Massachusetts has revised the conditions for Emergency Assistance, in particular, eligibility for shelter. Homeless patrons may now only enter a shelter if they have lost their home through natural forces, no-fault eviction, fleeing from domestic violence, or unsafe habitation for their children. I am writing today, not to […]

  • 'Home Street Home' Worth Reading

    Chalkey Horenstein Spare Change News Georgia Saunders’ “Home Street Home: The Virginia Beach Chronicles” can be best described in one word: raw. Raw are the stories she tells about the life of a homeless person. Raw are the tensions that build when people who can’t stand each other are forced to depend on each other. […]

  • Hot Stove Cool Music

    Chalkey Horenstein Spare Change News In order to promote the 13th annual Hot Stove Cool Music charity concert on January 14th, renowned baseball journalist Peter Gammons and musicians Robin Lane and Bill Janovitz prepared a promotional get-together, which featured a performance from “Songbird Sings,” a program within The Home For Little Wanderer’s Young Adult Resource […]

  • Editorial: An affront to civil liberties

    The National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012 has passed, much to the anger of those who found out about it while it was working its way through Congress. For those who don’t know, the big commotion over this bill sprouted from a provision, now known as Section 1031, which authorized the indefinite detainment […]

  • A talk with Dennis Culhane A National Expert on Housing Issues

    Chalkey Horenstein: Let’s start with some background information. What kind of work have you done to research homelessness and the ways to prevent it? Dennis Culhane: Among other things, I worked as a consultant to the state of Massachusetts for four years — the last year of the Romney administration and first three years of […]

  • ‘The right to film public officials is not limited to the press’

    Chalkey Horenstein Spare Change News Simon Glik was charged by Boston police for “illegal wiretapping” while recording police officers roughly arresting a young man in Boston Common. With the dust settling around the First Circuit Court of Appeal’s August 26th ruling, advocate groups such as the American Civil Liberties Union and Common Cause believe this […]