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Boston Mothers Who Have Lost Sons Speak Out Against Police Brutality

Boston Mothers Who Have Lost Sons Speak Out Against Police Brutality

Photos by Daniel Friedman In 2005, “Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome” was published by Dr. Joy DeGruy. Last Monday, Rahimah Rahim referenced DeGruy’s work as she spoke about the loss of her 26-year-old son, Usaamah, killed by members of the Boston Police Department in 2015.  “When we commit or we think we’re committing a negative act such as

New beginnings at ‘The Vagina Monologues’

Photo by Dominique Rouge This week, women across America performed The Vagina Monologues, a play that gives voice to several women’s accounts of sexual trauma. Since 1996, the play has sought to spark awareness for new narratives of female sexuality and empowerment.   A particularly notable performance took place at Haley House Bakery and Cafe,

Sen. Markey Voices Support for Students Seeking Gun Control Laws

On Tuesday morning, U.S. Senator Ed Markey of Massachusetts announced the dawn of a “children’s crusade.” Speaking at a press conference in Hibernian Hall in Roxbury, with the organization Mothers for Justice and Equality, Markey noted the importance of students’ movements, in the wake of to a mass shooting of 17 high school students last

Badly Needed T Renovations Bogged Down by Backlog

If the MBTA, Greater Boston’s public transit system, shut down for a year, the state would lose $11.4 billion. That amount would come from residents’ time lost travelling, their effort spent maintaining a car, and a rise in the number of injuries and fatalities. Yet the Massachusetts state budget only devoted $2.4 billion to transportation

Activists Protest Police Brutality On MLK Day

It was clear who the veterans of the March for Justice were. They wore ski pants. On this freezing January 15th, a group of near-60 people marched from Grove Hall to Dudley Cafe. They chanted against police brutality. The third annual Martin Luther King March on Justice illustrated participants’ commitment to progress.   The volunteer