Author: Emily Kahoud

  • the spirit of giving: genes, behavior, & the nature of altruism are a part of our evolutionary dna

    As November’s autumn leaves abandon tree branches, exposing them to winter’s imminent onslaught, the painful vulnerability experienced by low-income individuals and families due to the ongoing recession will be amplified by the pressures of the holiday season. The materialism of the holidays drains even economically comfortable families of both energy and resources. However, for those […]

  • Who Will Feed the Children?

    Every force has an equal, yet opposite reactive force states Newton’s Third Law of Motion. Recent politics prove that Newton’s law is applicable elsewhere. Once again a lack of cohesion among bipartisan entities and an ensuing sense of “hyper-partisanship” grows apparent with measures that undermine progress. Yet as the squabbling continues, so does the pain […]

  • Memo To Animal Lovers

    Of the millions of hackneyed expressions, “you are what you eat” proves to be a double entendre with serious ethical implications. In the past few decades, the meat industry has been insidiously transformed into an entity with unrecognizable semblance to its former self as the practice of factory farming has infected our nation’s system of […]

  • 'Hunger Doesn't Take a Summer Holiday'

    Emily Kahoud Spare Change News Imagine the childhood relics of summertime: endless days of playing outdoors, the overwhelming aroma of a neighbor’s hamburgers and hot dogs on charcoal, or licking melty ice cream cones fast enough to stop the dribbles from reaching your hands and next your clothes. Now imagine this being tainted by the […]