Author: Larissa Butrimowics

  • Vendor Profile, Anthony Thames

    Larissa Butrimowicz Spare Change News Spare Change news vendor Anthony Thames, born and raised in the South End of Boston, and has been with Spare Change for two years. He became a part of Spare Change because he needed to make some changes in his life and find some direction. It has taken him over […]

  • Michael Shorey Vendor Profile

    Larissa Butrimowicz Spare Change News Michael Shorey was born in New York, but moved to Salem, Mass. with his adoptive parents, who then decided to move to York, Maine, when he was 11. He was one of six adopted siblings and had an idyllic childhood. He worked at a restaurant in Kittery, Maine for 12 […]

  • Algia Benjamin, Spare Change News Vendor

    Larissa Butrimowicz Spare Change News Algia Benjamin is one of our Spare Change News vendors who has been with the paper since 1992, three months after the paper was created. He was born in Alabama, but when his parents separated, his mother moved to Boston with him when he was seven. He recalls having a […]