Author: Laura Rosbrow-Telem

  • Workers Gain Protection Under New Law on Non-Compete Contracts

    “The law makes them more expensive than they used to be,” Davis said. “It’s not something you just do anymore. For a long period of time, in Massachusetts and in other jurisdictions, it really was something that employers just did – you know, ‘You want to work here? You need to sign this.’

  • Boston Has One of Nation’s Highest Homeless Rates

    Boston Has One of Nation’s Highest Homeless Rates

    New research shows that while homelessness in the United States may be down overall, it’s still rising in the most expensive rental markets. And Boston has one of the highest homeless rates. Christopher Glynn, assistant professor at the University of New Hampshire, is one of the lead authors of the national Zillow-sponsored study. The researchers […]

  • Uninsured Rate Up 50 Percent for Massachusetts’ Children

    Across the country, the number of children without health insurance rose in 2017 for the first time in eight years, according to a new report from the Georgetown University Center for Children and Families. The research found no state made progress to get more children insured between 2016 and 2017, including Massachusetts. The Commonwealth saw […]

  • Mass. Leads Country in Fentanyl Overdose Deaths

    Mass. Leads Country in Fentanyl Overdose Deaths

    Massachusetts reached an all-time high in fentanyl overdose deaths this year, according to new data from the state Department of Public Health. Nearly 90 percent of opioid overdoses in the second quarter involved the synthetic opioid fentanyl. What’s more, a report from The Pew Charitable Trusts maintains that Massachusetts had a higher opioid death rate […]