Author: Leane O’Brien

  • Mitt is Mean: Why Romney is Still Dogged by Seamus

    Leanne O’Brien Spare Change News When Mitt Romney fastened a carrier containing Seamus, the Romneys’ Irish setter, to the roof of the family car, he could not have predicted the firestorm of controversy that the event would ignite almost 30 years later. The story was first unearthed in an exhaustive 2007 Boston Globe profile of […]

  • All The News That’s Fit to Occupy: Back to Dewey Square with the Boston Occupier’s Dan Schneider

    Leanne OʼBrien Spare Change News I sat down with Dan Schneider, editor of The Boston Occupier, a volunteerrun newspaper which bills itself as “an independent news source for Occupy Boston and the Occupy Movement.” The Emerson College film student and I discussed “journo-activism,” the Tea Party, and what’s next for the Occupy movement. Spare Change […]