Author: Marc D. Goldfinger

  • Central Square, Cambridge, MA

    Central Square, Cambridge, MA

    “The form of a city changes faster than the heart of a mortal.”– Baudelaire The streets teem with activity. There is a giant hole where the building filled with many small businesses, owned by individuals, flourished. There was a clothing store over 90 years old, a breakfast place where one whose pockets contained only a few […]

  • Adam’s Rib: Part Two

    “Click, click, click. What God meant is that it would be the end of all things familiar. Truly, if you ate of this tree you would see with the eyes of God. Then, certainly, He would make for you a mate to keep you company in the times when He would not be here. You […]

  • Adam’s Rib: Part One

    Adam sits by the bank of the River Pison, pleased by his thoughts of the evening before. He had spent much time on his knees in front of his Lord and it had been good. Then his Lord had taken him to His bosom and they had wept together and kissed and the salt had […]

  • Something Inside Me

    When I tell you this story about an event in my life, just remember, I may be the teller of the story and it deals with something that happened to me but this story is really about them and especially about you.  I was eight years old. There were many things that I knew at […]

  • The Business of Fancy Dancing by Sherman Alexie: A Movie Review

    “I’ve had sex with one Indian woman, 112 white boys, sixteen Black men, seven Asian men, three dudes of ambiguous ethnic identity, one really homely guy, and zero Native American men.” — Seymour Polatkin, poet. I just finished watching “The Business of Fancy Dancing” again and I feel as if this is one of the […]

  • The Changes Come So Fast

    My wife, Mary Esther, and I celebrated our wedding anniversary on June 22.  We were married in 2002 and the time has just whipped by.  So many different things have happened; it’s all good but sometimes there are hard surprises.   Mary Esther has scoliosis, stenosis and various other things wrong with her spine.  She had […]

  • Stolen Lives

    “For George Floyd: The Whole World was Watching”* Shawn Mottram, killed dead on October 12, 1998 by what Trooper Joseph Stone said was an accidental shot when he slipped while climbing a chain link fence with gun in hand. A kill shot. Stone shoots so well by accident that he can split a bullet in […]

  • Taking The Homeless Census by Alexis Ivy: A Book Review

    I read this marvelous book of poetry three times upon receiving it. It’s no wonder to me that her Crown of Sonnets named “The A-Street Shelter: A Crown of Sonnets” won the 2018 Massachusetts Cultural Council Fellowship In Poetry prize. “Taking The Homeless Census” brings the reader into the world of homelessness with a jolt. […]

  • All We Are Saying

    The world we live in has been rocked by crisis after crisis. First the Coronavirus slipped in amongst us, taking, at first, the most vulnerable populations from our nursing homes, Veterans’ Homes, Senior Living Facilities and then attacking the people who have the least access to medical care because they are financially stressed, Black and […]

  • Resiliency: A Moment In An Addict’s Time

    If I made funny noises and ran around the room, I wouldn’t have to tell the therapist anything. I know my mother told him I wet the bed all the time. But no one else knows about the boy who said he would play doctor and stuck the stick up my rectum. And no one […]